Top 3 Best and Trusted Url Shortner Sites For Online Earnings

Hello howdy friends, Welcome again in Our Blog - Blogging Master. Did you know that you can make money online by shorting links via Url Shortner? So, are You Looking for any Top 3 best & trusted url Shortners for online earning?? So, Are you here to get recommendations about which top 3 url Shortner are best for you?? Then, you are at the right place for your best choice your all of the above queries will be solved in this post. So, I will tell you step by step and also give you a brief knowledge and some tips and tricks and lots more this post for you. So, just read this post till end and you will definitely glad to know about which top 3 url shortner are best ?

∆ Now let's deep dive on our topic :-

Note :- I am telling you only top 3 popular and trusted Url Shortner Sites for online earning and also I have used it and, I am telling you all trusted sites and also they give payment . So don't worry and let's start -

• What is Social URL Shortner Site ?

URL shortener site is also called link shortner site and it is a website where you can sort a large number of links in one time and also you can short one link or we can say that it is a link generator tool of links.

∆ Now, let's have a look of top 3 Trusted Url Shortners for online Earnings :-

1. OnceHelp 

OnceHelp Is a Very trusted and popular link Shortner site. They give payment Every week of Friday. And in this site you will get many options for Earnings like you can share this site to your friends and if anybody has joined through your referral link then your friend's 50% Earnings will be credited to your oncehelp account and if anybody make a dedicated video of this site and it cross 1k (1000 Views) then this site give 5$ and if anybody write a article about this site then this site also give 5$ of your post if your post gets 1000 page views then it will give you and this site have 2.5 CPM rate of each clicks so, it's good and I am also using this site and when you reached 1$ you can withdraw your funds in your wallet this site also have almost all payment method like Paytm , PayPal , UPI (Only for Indians) and Bank Transfer also. So, I am Recommend to you to use this site. And in this site you can contact their Admins via their WhatsApp number.

2. UrlShortx

It is also Very popular and Trusted site and it is also very older but this site CPM is high as Compared to Oncehelp. This site have 3.5 CPM and they also give payment and in this site have very few offers for Earnings like referral Earning and promotion of this site.And in this site when you will reached minimum 3$ then you can withdraw your funds. And this site pays 70rs of each dollars. This site also good you can use this one also but their steps are totally opposite as Compared to Oncehelp. And this site also gives you a support option you can directly contact their Admins via telegram. So, this is the Good Option. And this site also have all payment methods like Paytm , PayPal and bank transfer.

3. GPLinks

This site is very popular and Trusted and Very older. But in this site the CPM rate of each clicks is low as Compared to both UrlShortx and Oncehelp this site have only 2.1 CPM rate of each Clicks. And when you will reached 1$ you can withdraw your funds that is similar as oncehelp but in this site steps are easy for DOWNLOADING anything. And in every link shortner sites tools option is given for Shorting a large number of links or you can also use full page Script of any link Short site. So, if you got a large number of traffic from your site then you can use and if you do not got then you can use UrlShortx and Oncehelp And this site also have almost payment methods like Paytm , PayPal , UPI , Phone pay and bank Transfer.

∆ Common Requirements for registering on this Link Shortner Sites :- 

1. You should have an gmail account that is given by Google.

2. You should have an active mobile phone number.

∆ Now, How we can Register on This Link Shortner Sites :-

1. In Every link Shortner site You will find a Sign Up bottom in Upper right Corner of the site. So, Click on this option.

2. Then in Sign Up page , it will ask for your name , last name and your Gmail I'd and password .

3. When you put your all information on the then it will says that please allow our terms and Conditions page so, please allow it and sometimes it will give you captcha to verify but many times it will not give.

4. Now, after doing there steps your account Will be created and you can login anytime.

5. And when you login in this link shortner sites then a dashboard page will appear and and please submit your all details in your profile option then can you will be easily withdraw your funds.

Now, you are eligible for making online money from link shortner Sites. That is all for now, hope you will checkout our upcoming posts.

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