PicsArt Vs PixelLab Which is Best for Photo Editing ?

Hello Guys, Welcome again in Our another article. So, guys do you know about PicsArt & PixelLab? So, are you confused that which is best for photo editing ? So, are you here to get recommendations about which is best? Then, you are at the right place your all of the above queries will be solved in this post. So, I will tell you everything and also give you a brief knowledge and some suggestions and lots more in this post for you. So, just read this post till end and you will definitely glad to know that which app you can use for photo editing.

∆ So let's get started with our today's topic :-

Note :- So, guys as I told that in today's post I will suggest you that which is better for photo editing because many peoples have their YouTube channel , Website etc. So, they can easily choose according to their need. I am not doing any evil of any app. Both apps are good. So, we will compare both apps by it's features.

∆ Now, let's have a look of the features of both apps :-

∆ Features of PicsArt :- 

1. PicsArt have a thing that you can make your photo as cartoon or like sketch in any quality.

2. You can increase and decrease the temperature of any photos in PicsArt.

3. It has a thing that you can Marge or convert 6 image into 1 image.

4. It has many fonts to make the text Stylist.

5. In this app you can set any sizes of your photos.

Note :- these are the unique things that I told and it is not available on pixelLab.

∆ Features of PixelLab :- 

1. In this app you will get many stylist fonts to make your text responsive.

2. And you don't need to set a size for your photos in this app this feature is already available. Just you have to select like you want to create any YouTube banner then select it from top YouTube banner.

3. And in this app you will get a unique thing is that recover autosave feature. If you're editing your photos and by mistake you close that app then it will be atomatic saved your editing.

4. And you can make your text in 3D and many features are available like stroke , inner shadow etc for making your text responsive.

5. and the last thing is that you can save your photos in any quality like 720p , 1080p , 4K & ultra HD also.

Note :- As I told this feature is only available on PixelLab. It's not available on PicsArt.

∆ Conclusion :- 

So both apps have their own features for photo editing so you have to decide that which app is better for you like you need to make YouTube thumbnails then you have to choose pixelLab but if you you want to make your photo in cartoon or sketch like image then choose PicsArt. Than I think pixel lab is best so you can use pixel lab also but pixel have their own features and picsart also have their own features so you can use any one as you like it. India Post I I told only unique things about both apps and rest of the things that I am not told maybe you know that are similar in both apps.

Now, I think you will Understood that which app is best. So, that is all for now, hope you will checkout our upcoming posts.

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