How to Give Copyright Strike to Anyone in YouTube ?

Hello Guys, Welcome again in Our another interesting article. Suppose your video is copied by other guy and And he didn't even take permission from you. So, do you want to give copyright Strike to that guy in YouTube? So, are you here to get idea about how you can give copyright to anyone who copied your video? Then, you are at the right place your all of the above problems will be solved in this post. So, I will tell you step by step and also give you a brief knowledge and some tricks and lots more in this post for you. So, just read this post till end and you will definitely glad to know that you you can give copyright Strike to anyone.

∆ So let's get started with our today's topic :-

Note :- So, guys I am telling you in this post that how you can give copyright Strike to anyone. So, I would like to suggest that if your original video is copied from Someone then you can give copyright Strike to that guy. But if that video is not your video and even you submit a Copyright complaint to YouTube then YouTube will disable your account because of fraud reason. So, if any video is not your video then don't submit any copyright complaint to YouTube else your account will be suspended for forever.

∆ Common Requirements for Submitting a Copyright Complaint to YouTube :-

1. You should have an active email account.

2. You should have an account on YouTube.

3. You should have the original Video URL.

4. You should have the Url of that video which you want to remove it.

5. You should have a real Address.

6. You should have a Secondary email account. (Optional)

∆ Steps for Submitting a Copyright Strike to YouTube :-

1. Open the link Provided Below -

2. When you click on this link then it will ask for your mail id. So, please login immediately from that mail from which you have created your own YouTube channel.

3. After that you will redirected to YouTube dekstop mode and it will ask for what is the issue? So, please choose copyright infringement option.

4. After that it will ask for who is affected? So, please choose I am. If you have a individual channel then select I am. If not then you can choose according to you.

5. Then after you need the url of that Video which you want to remove it so, put that link in the remove video option field. And below that filed you will also have to put the reason so, please select the 1st option that is video is re-uploaded by another user.

6. After putting that Video which you want to remove it. Then it will ask for the original video URL. So, please put the original URL of that video in the the given field.

7. Then it will ask for that Video is copied entire or timestamps so, choose any option, It depends on you. If video is copied timestamps then you need to provide the duration between where to where video is copied.

8. After doing these steps it will ask for yourself and your address. So please put your full legal name and address in the given field like Street , City , State, Country and Zip Postal Code etc.

9. After filling your all information then you have to tick all options that is given below after about yourself and address.

10. Then last thing is that you need to sign as a signature of your channel so, you can sign that signature by putting your name as you putted same as your legal name and please verify that captcha also so click on it and click on submit. 

Now, I think you will Understood that how you can give copyright Strike to anyone. So, that is all for now, hope you will checkout our upcoming posts.

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