How to Create a Bitcoin Account for Free ?

Hello howdy friends. Keep Visiting Us and Are you looking for any Bitcoin Account? Are you here to get recommendations about how you can create any Bitcoin Account for Bitcoin transactions.

Then, you are at the right place. Your all of the above queries will be solved in this post. Here, I will guide you step by step and also give you brief knowledge, some tips and tricks and lots more in this post for you. So, read this post till end and you will definitely glad to know that how you can create a Bitcoin Account for Bitcoin online transactions.

∆ Now let's deep dive on our topic :-

👉 What Is Bitcoin Account?

Bitcoin account is a online wallet for selling and buying any crypto currency and also for storing Bitcoins (BTC). We can also use this wallet in any trading apps and Websites For Investment.

👉 Features of Bitcoin Account :-

Their are many features for creating Bitcoin Account. And they are given below :-

1. We can Store bitcoins using this wallet.

2. We can Send bitcoins to any other Bitcoin user wallet.

3. We can use this account for Bitcoin treading.

4. We can also Use this wallet for selling Bitcoins to anyone.

5. We just withdraw our BTC In any Other wallet using this BTC Wallet.

👉Common Requirements for Creating Bitcoin Account :-

1. You should have an active email account.

2. You should have an active mobile phone number.

3. You should have a valid PAN card or Aadhar Card and Driving License for Account Verification (Aadhar Card and PAN card can use only Indians and any other person who is outside from country then they can use their Driving License)

👉 How we can create a Bitcoin Account ?

1. Open any link from these 2 Links that is given below -



Note :- I recommend you to use second link because this is very oldest and trusted website.

2. Enter your Email id and click on Get Started button.

3. Now, you will get sign up and sign in option. Just click sign up option and choose your login method like sign in with google accounts or Continue with Facebook or simply choose email id and password option So, Its depends on you.

4. Now, Choose sign up as business or sign up as consumer depends upon your needs.

5. Now, Enter your phone number to continue verification proccess.

6. After enter your phone number just click on send OTP (One time password) option.

7. Now, Enter the OTP that you receive on entered phone number.

8. Now, you will be asked for some basic details (like address, date of birth, Zip Postal Code etc) to some financial details such as Your valid and active PAN number and any other important documents like Aadhar Card or Voter ID card for verification process.

9. After doing this all your account will be verified in 2-3 days.

10. After 2-3 days you will received an email and having your dashboard link.

Now Congratulations 🎉 your account is Created successfully and it is ready for selling any buying crypto currency and also for storing Bitcoins.🤩

👉 Conclusion :- 

Coinbase is a very oldest any trusted website for selling and buying crypto currency and If you find it helpful, then please give us a minute to share it with your friends. Hope you will understand everything.

That is all for now, hope you will checkout our upcoming posts.

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