Top 6 Reasons for Decreasing The Rank Of Any Website

Hello howdy friends Welcome to Our Blog - Blogging Master. So, are You thinking that why your site is not ranked in Google?? Or you thinking that you made a mistake but you don't Know? that what mistakes you have done in your site. So, Are you here to get recommendations about why your site is not ranked in Google and what mistakes you have done in your site. Then, you are at the right place your all of the above queries will be solved in this post. So, I will guide you everything and also give you a brief knowledge and some tips and tricks and lots more in this post for you. She, read this post till end and you will definitely glad to know about what mistakes you have done.

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Note :- I am telling you top 6 mistakes for Decreasing the rank of any Websites and this 6 ways I also follow in my site So, basically I am telling you top 6 major mistakes and they are given below. 

1. Copying Others Content & Title :- 

If you copying Others Content & title then stop doing this right now. Because you can think that any other Content is already available on Google and you still copied their Content and published in your website. So, Google will not ranked your pages so, it becomes also a reason for Decreasing the rank of your site. It because I am telling you if you really want to ranked your site in Google then make sure you write articles with own ideas and choose any other topic that is not available in Google means you can write unique Content then definitely your website will rank on Google. I am giving you the garentee or if you have any questions then you can comment below.

2. Navigation Set up :-

why I am telling you navigation setup are you think that? So, You can think that any new visitor come in your site and the visitor do not read your articles because of your navigation problem. So, any visitor have faced many problem in your site then the visitor never come again in your site. So, I am telling you what you have to do make sure your site with good customisation means most of the sites have the top link-list gadget then put all the pages of your site putted in your linked list gadget in the top then visitor's can easily navigate your site and your site also will rank in Google.

3. Make Your Site Responsive :-

You can make your site responsive by using FlexSEO template. So, just you have to download this template from Google and upload it to your site. And and customise with a linked list gadget at top and make recent post, popular post, random post, in footar of your site. And in the sidebar of your site make contact form and about your profile and many things that you can do in your site. By doing this you can make your site responsive and attractive then can any any visitor can visit your site then he attract by your good looking of your site and content of your site then definitely your site will grow up in Google.

4. Wrong Naming Of Pictures :-

Many people avoid this topic. They don't know that it also become a reason for Decreasing the ranking of any site. So, whenever you write an article then if you put any image then make sure you also put the keyboard related to the image and also in the post in the sidebar section of your blogger tags option will have. So, put the keywords related to the article in your post if you do not put this then Google cannot find your site and it not grow up in Google. So don't avoided it.

5. Tags and Meta descriptions :-

If you are a regular visitor of our site then you know about previous article. In the previous article I told you that tags and meta description is very important for the ranking of any website. So, if any person do not fill this tags and meta description then their site will not grow in Google. So, your site related to whichever make sure, you put the keywords related to your site in tags and meta description. If you user of blogger then you know about this thing or if you don't know then don't worry I am telling you so in your blogger dashboard in the post section see the sidebar of your post and in the sidebar section tags option will available and in the setting options of blogger meta description option will available.

6. Non-Use of Google Products :-

So, in the previous post I told you that Google search engine console will help you in the ranking of Google. So, if you use Google products then very well and if you don't use this then use as soon as possible. So, if you know that blogger gives you option in the setting that is called Google search engine console so go to this option and submit your site in Google search engine console and make the sitemap of your site in Google search engine console. This is a very important step that I am telling you so make sure you doing this if you do then your site will definitely grow up in Google. I am giving you the guarantee for this option so if you have any other questions then you can comment below and this is the last way that I am telling you for the ranking.

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